How did my master’s project become the top 3 in the whole institution using Natural Stacks supplements?

I basically have two pillars: High-Fat diet and Healthy Supplementation. Here I will mention two natural supplements, Ciltep and Smart Caffeine, by Natural Stacks. NS is a trusted organization responsible for innovating the supplement market with evidence-based science for brain empowerment.


Ciltep is a natural supplement created by Natural Stacks, a fascinating health company! Focusing on natural supplements for brain improvement, they are in the headlines of the major newspapers around the world. Apart from what other people talk about them, me, my wife and my friends, we tried many of their supplements are here I will give you my favorite list and why.

With Ciltep my two friends and I were able to finish 70 pages consulting report for a big hospital organization in 1 week!

At the first day, we couldn’t feel the hype. However, on the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the last day, we were writing for 8 hours straight! Full of confidence and with great humor, we were all motivating each other. It was tough, but we did it with a smile! Final result? Best project of the year and top 3 in 10 years of the health communication institute! Yes, I am proud!

So, what are the effects?

Full Concentration – As I said, we were writing for 8 hours without losing rhythm. I can focus for long hours without being tired or bored. You can feel that you could be on that task for hours while loving it.

Confidence Boost – For some reason, everything I write seems excellent! That is not my usual case. I lack confidence about writing my opinions, paraphrasing research and creating readable and useful texts. However, with Ciltep, I just love what I write! Frankly, I love the writing process. Criticizing, writing, reading, enjoying the selection of every word and expressions. It just makes writing a deep and pleasant experience.

Mood and Calm Guru – That is something that I found interesting. All of a sudden nothing could irritate me. Nothing! Things that usually would make me mad became new studying objects. “What do you mean Rillion?!” Let me explain. I would become crazy if while I am researching or writing, somebody would come talking about anything but the thing that I am doing. Like people that just want your attention. If I am busy, I would be irritated. But with Ciltep, I can only understand what they want, give a quick answer, and they would go! All that without losing focus, with patience and care. Therefore, Ciltep becomes a mental guru, invoking inner peace to your busy days of productivity and deadlines.

So, if you need to focus on your job, need to have a more positive attitude towards that crazy productivity requests, I strongly recommend you Ciltep. Try it at least once. Best thing? It is 100% natural, and they ship it all around the world! Click on the link below to see their characteristics.

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Smart Caffeine

Every day, I need to feel active. (That dot was stronger!) I work full-time, I have to finish my master thesis when I arrive at home I switch with my wife the responsibility of my little beasts, I need to workout, I need time with my wife, and time with myself.

Smart Caffeine is the BEST, no kidding, THE BEST caffeine pills in the world! I love caffeine pills. Apart from the many health benefits, the one that I truly love is the staying active part. Standard caffeine pills they give you that morning rush but it fades too soon, or you need to take more.

Smart Caffeine last until you go to sleep, and I can feel it kicking in the way I wake up in the morning! It is saving my life!

If you need to feel active but focused, need to have that feeling of “I can do it today!”, need to clear that “to-do-list of the day,” Smart Caffeine. (Again the stronger dot)

Check the links below, and you can find all their information on their website.

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(PS: I am a Natural Stacks Affiliate. Therefore if you buy through my links I will get a commission with zero extra cost for you, thanks to you!)

If you like that review, need some support, or you have some doubts about Ciltep or Smart Caffeine, leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts that I will be happy to help you.