Meeting Grammarly was love at first sight.

I was lost and alone, thinking that my English writing skills would always require me to go from WordReference to Brittania dictionaries for life. That is when I found Grammarly! Since that day, my life changed.



If you don’t know me, my name is Rillion Cadlini. I am a Swiss made Brazilian, and I am studying and working for a Swiss university called Università della Svizzera italiana, the most international university in Switzerland. As a job, I work as a digital marketing and social media specialist for the same university. For those who know what I am talking about, I have to write every single day. And let’s say that working for PhDs, Professors, and other academic celebrities just put my writing skills at risk all the time.

I send emails for my colleagues, I write for social media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, I write email marketing contents, I write for paid online advertisement, I write for our students when they need, I answer prospective students information requests about our programs, I write, and I write and I write a lot, and all in English. All that for work.

However, I am also a student, but not a simple student, a student from the Master in Communication, Management, and Health of Swiss university. When I started at the master, I had 29 years old and was already a father of three beautiful little beasts which I love them very much! Not to forget, a husband as well! The first semester was tough demanding. Every week, from 8.30am to 17.30pm we had to write essays, groups works, reading assignments, research analysis, and exams. It was all in English. The second semester the same, the third semester also, the fourth semester we had to write in 1 week a 70 pages report. That report was a consulting project for a leading hospital chain in Ticino called Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale. Guess what, in English and Italian. My friends and I we did wrote in one week, and it was great! The best project of the year, Top 3 of the health communication institute in 10 years!

So finally, in my last semester, before I could handle my final thesis I had to do a 40 pages literature review about “The Use of Social Networking Sites for Health Promotion”. That implies a lot of good quality research and writing in English. Finally, I did it, and it was great! Now I have to finish my final thesis, which I am doing now and of course, it has to be in English!

“Rillion you talk too much, where is Grammarly?”

Grammarly my friend, is everywhere! Everything I wrote and write for my work, I am using Grammarly in real time. All the papers, reports, thesis and assignments I did, I was using Grammarly. I am using Grammarly right now, as I am writing this post.

Grammarly has this fantastic feature that identifies every text box on your browser and WordOffice. Also, it shows you grammar mistakes, punctuation, sentence structures and contextual grammar, which when you click, it opens a new window where you can correct all your text. However, when you go back to where you were writing, the text changed automatically. Super easy! Also, it will not merely correct you, it will also help you to understand the why of the mistake so that you can learn from your errors. Furthermore, if you click on a word in the text, it gives you a list of synonyms so that you can have a more vibrant text. You can choose between American, British, Australian and Canadian English.

The best thing, in my opinion, is the super intuitive interface and features, and how it saves my time. Grammarly can add a plug-in in your word and outlook, which is excellent. Because all my writing assignments for my master and some of the texts that I write for my work, I first write in Word. I can just write as I want, just putting words down, without worrying about sentences and stuff. Because I know that in the end, Grammarly will identify my significant mistakes, and will also give me tips to improve my sentences. However, note that Grammarly does not make miracles. If you suck completely at writing, it will not just make you a Stephen King or a Tony Robbins. Grammarly has its limits.

Lastly, for students and researchers, the premium version gives you the possibility to do a plagiarism check. I tested in all my essays, and it works perfectly. It shows me the source and the length of the text, and also the total percentage of plagio. After that, you just need to paraphrase in your own words and be relived!

Therefore, if you want to impress your readers, if you love to learn while doing if you aspire for excellence, and if you need to write for work or study, in English, go for Grammarly! By the way, it costs around $11 per month for the annual subscription, which I have. If you think about it, is not much if you consider the risks of having horrible professional and academic texts.

Just for you to know, I wrote that post in 1 hour, and Grammarly identified 41 critical issues and 29 advanced issues, which were all corrected, of course!

So if you are curious about Grammarly just click on the link below and check it for yourself. But be aware, it can become love at first sight!

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