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Natural Stacks

How did my master’s project become the top 3 in the whole institution using Natural Stacks supplements?

I basically have two pillars: High-Fat diet and Healthy Supplementation. Here I will mention two natural supplements, Ciltep and Smart Caffeine, by Natural Stacks. NS is a trusted organization responsible for innovating the supplement market with evidence-based science for brain empowerment.


Ciltep is a natural supplement created by Natural Stacks, a fascinating health company! Focusing on natural supplements for brain improvement, they are in the headlines of the major newspapers around the world. Apart from what other people talk about them, me, my wife and my friends, we tried many of their supplements are here I will give you my favorite list and why.


SE Ranking

SE Ranking is my weapon of choice when it comes to managing SEO.

Because I am working for lifelong learning education programs, which is a highly competitive market, I need to know which search queries my audience is looking for when searching for executive master programs.

Compared to the competition, SE Ranking is outstanding! With a smooth interface, competitors keyword analysis, and a precise ranking analysis, it is definitely the most cost-effective SEO tool on the web.

If you are new to the SEO business and think that you can just go with free trials, please don’t lose your time with half features. Subscribe to a real SEO tool! My advice is SE Ranking. Take a look and give it a chance.

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Meeting Grammarly was love at first sight.

I was lost and alone, thinking that my English writing skills would always require from me to go from WordReference to Brittania dictionaries for life. That is when I found Grammarly! Since that day, my life changed.



If you don’t know me, my name is Rillion Cadlini. I am a Swiss made Brazilian, and I am studying and working for a Swiss university called Università della Svizzera italiana, the most international university in Switzerland. As a job, I work as a digital marketing and social media manager junior for the same university. For those who know what I am talking about, I have to write every single day. And let’s say that working for PhDs, Professors, and other academic celebrities just put my writing skills at risk all the time.

I send emails for my colleagues, I write for social media posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, I write email marketing contents, I write for paid online advertisement, I write for our students when they need, I answer prospective students information requests about our programs, I write, and I write and I write a lot, and all in English. All that for work. (more…)